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Sunday Express Article

Testimonial 1

"In December 07, within the space of few months, I had two root canal treatments done on the upper left in an attempt to cure pain.

It extended on my upper left side from the bone nose on my cheek to left ear. It helped slightly but didn’t eliminate the majority of the pain. Then I went to see a Nose Ear Throat specialist through NHS who diagnosed chronic sinusitis. Minimal treatment was offered as the specialist didn’t feel like it was the cause of my pain. I was then referred to an oral surgeon who diagnosed a jaw joint problem. He made me a night plate which I find so uncomfortable that I never wear it. In desperation, I saw an osteopath, homeopath and all to no avail.

Then a friend of mine recommended me to see Tom who diagnosed that my teeth were not meeting correctly and that it was likely the cause of my pain coming from my jaw joint and associated muscles. By the time, I saw Tom, two weeks later I was about 80% better and some neck tension disappeared.

By the time, he had further adjusted my bite and given me a comfortable night plate, all my pain and discomfort disappeared.

All I have left now is chronic sinuses problem and this is nothing in comparison to the pain I had for a long time."

November 2010

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Treatment - Soft Night Plate

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Treatment - Acrylic Night Plates