Practice Philosophy

My personal philosophy is that my expertise should provide all the aspects of treatment that my patients require and that this care should be delivered to an extremely high standard by my dental team and by using the best materials and equipment available. By following this approach, I have been able to create a centre of excellence where treatment and care are centered on my taking total control of, and personal responsibility for, all my patient's dental requirements. For full list of treatments offered see Treatments Offered.


In order to be able to deliver this very best care, I invest significant amounts of my time in Continuous Personal Development of my knowledge and understanding of the new techniques and advances that are being made in dentistry (see Continuing Professional Development). I have attended a considerable number of conferences as well as more recently presenting a number of my personal innovations and developed techniques back to my fellow professionals (see Lecturing and Publications).


In order to address the rare occasion when a patient requires referral for treatment I do not personally carry out, I have built up a trusted network of specialists, many in-house, with whom I liaise to ensure that the best possible outcome is achieved under their care - a full list with their names and specialization is provided in the section marked Referral Base.


It is my firm belief that the consistently high standard of laboratory work my patients require cannot be achieved without using the best materials and dental technicians available. Consequently I have also built long term relationships with a small number of leading dental technicians in whose abilities, due to the high standard and quality of their work and the reliability of the teamwork we have developed over many years, I am fully confident we are capable of delivering the best possible clinical and aesthetic results for my patients - a full list of their details is provided in the section marked Dental Technicians.