Night Plates

Jaw joint and nocturnal tooth grinding

Testimonial 1

"In December 07, within the space of few months, I had two root canal treatments done on the upper left in an attempt to cure pain.

Testimonial 2

When I started seeing Tom I had been under the care of an oral medical surgeon for several years; he had been researching a condition I suffered from where my jaw would lock open and when I released it there was a loud cracking sound. This hadn’t been particularly painful but had been extremely debilitating, embarrassing, and often frightening as I thought something might break. I’d had a minimally invasive procedure carried out but this had only provided a temporary improvement and medication had made little difference. Tom started by trying to improve my bite.

Testimonial 3

"After two months of regular headaches on one side of my head, always worse in the mornings, I was in considerable pain, especially as I was also suffering from intermittent earache and tension around the jaw joint.

Ten days of simple night-time medication, with no side effects, plus adjustment to my bite, brought instant release and I have not suffered from this complaint since."

Rupert Christiansen