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When I started seeing Tom I had been under the care of an oral medical surgeon for several years; he had been researching a condition I suffered from where my jaw would lock open and when I released it there was a loud cracking sound. This hadn’t been particularly painful but had been extremely debilitating, embarrassing, and often frightening as I thought something might break. I’d had a minimally invasive procedure carried out but this had only provided a temporary improvement and medication had made little difference. Tom started by trying to improve my bite. First he removed four mal-placed wisdom teeth and went out of his way to do so at my convenience – two one Friday lunch-time and two the next – I even managed to return to my office each afternoon! Tom then made a brace for me to wear at night, when I broke that he patiently made another, which I broke. Tom then switched tack and worked on my teeth to improve my bite; he painstakingly made tiny adjustments to the shape of some of my teeth and these adjustments had a major effect and resolved my symptoms. It is now extremely rare for my jaw to lock – and when it does it’s more as if it sticks a bit than locks - it might now happen once over several years, it used to lock at least several times a week and often many times a day. DR

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