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Tooth extraction leads to advancing bone loss and in the case of complete edentulousness, a lack of stability for the dentures provided. The retention of two teeth in an arch, usually the canines helps maintain the bone. In addition, the teeth following root treatment can be used to retain a variety of attachments to help with denture retention as well as providing as degree of support.

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Simple prefabricated attachments - zest anchor

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The male "Poppet" within the denture clicks into the female attachment cemented into the tooth

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Laboratory bars can be fitted to the remaining roots

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The denture contains the "clip" which clicks onto the bar

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The case before and after treatment

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Laboratory fabricated studs. With these attachments, the male is incorporated into the remaining root

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The female attachment is incorporated in the denture

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In cases where there are no teeth present two implants can be placed and either studs or bars attached to provide the necessary retention